воскресенье, 22 октября 2017 г.

Chrysler le Baron: green or blue

Snow removal equipment: OSHKOSH W-700-15 (USA 1943)

HONDA CBR Fireblade: 1000 RR

Сraft and artisan

Ремесло и ремесленники: Андорра

BMW 3 Alpina

BMW 2002: blue color

MASH Scrambler: orange

Land Rover Defender

Messerschmitt KR200 cabriolet red

Peugeot 4002 concept car

Peugeot VrooMster Concept 2000 green

суббота, 21 октября 2017 г.

Une commission franco-andorrane travaille à la délimitation graphique de la frontière


Du 22 octobre au 3 novembre à Font Romeu aura lieu “Halloween Family Week”

Laiterie: l’Espagne et la France

Antoni Martí i Maria Ubach parlent des avancées des négociations avec l’Union européenne aux représentants économiques et sociaux

Environ 400 pompiers et sauveteurs de différents pays se sont réunis en Andorre pour échanger leurs expériences dans le domaine des secours en montagne

La vaccination contre la grippe aura lieu en Andorre du 23 octobre au 29 décembre

Le gouvernement d’Andorre a approuvé le calendrier des vacances pour 2018

La 11e édition du Marathon International de Toulouse Métropole donne rendez-vous aux coureurs les 21 et 22 octobre

Au printemps 2018, l’Andorre ouvrira 15 stations de location de vélos électriques

Le nombre de permis de travail en Andorre au cours de la prochaine saison hivernale a augmenté de 15% par rapport à l’année dernière

пятница, 20 октября 2017 г.

Pere Auge, Vice-president of the CEA (Andorran business Confederation), speaks to all-andorra.com on possible development of cooperation between China and Andorra

On 3d December, 2015 the bill of decrease of terms of residence in Andorra for obtaining nationality will be considered by parliament, comments the general adviser of SDP Victor Naudi Zamora

Francesc Camp, the Minister of tourism and trade of Andorra, comments the importance of the 3d meeting of Andorran wine producers

Josep Mandicó, the mayor of Canillo speaks to all-andorra.com on the advantages of the district from the tourist point of view

President of Guild of realtors and certified real estate agents of the Principality of Andorra Antonia Seve speaks to all-andorra.com on the results of real estate market development in Andorra in 2015

Conrad Blanch, General Manager of the Grandvalira Organisation Committee, speaks to all-andorra.com on the results of ladies’ alpine skiing World Cup in the Super G and Alpine Combined disciplines

Nadal Antor, Chief of the races at the world Championship in Speed skiing speaks to all-andorra.com on the results of the competitions

Marc Bajona Carrera, Head of Rider’s Organisation speaks to all-andorra.com about the Total Fight Masters of Freestyle snowboard competitions which took place in Andorra last week

Pere Augé, Vice President of the CEA (Association of Andorran businessmen), speaks to all-andorra.com about concept and advantages of tax residency in Andorra

Josep Anton Silvestre (the criminal lawyer from Silvestre Advocats) speaks about freedom of speech

The mayor of Sant Julia de Loria Josep Miquel Vila Bastida speaks to all-andorra.com about the county’s strategic objectives and investments

Scriptwriter of Scalada Vision 2016, the former artist of Cirque du Soleil, Mukhtar Omar Sharif Mukhtar shared with all-andorra.com his impressions of the premiere performance

Около 400 пожарных и спасателей разных стран собрались в Андорре для обмена опытом и новыми методологиями в области спасательных работ в горах

Вакцинация против гриппа продлится в Андорре с 23 октября по 29 декабря


Весной 2018 года в Андорре откроется 15 станций по прокату электрических велосипедов

Количество разрешений на работу в Андорре в течение предстоящего зимнего сезона увеличилось на 15% по сравнению с прошлым годом

Правительство Андорры утвердило календарь праздничных дней на 2018 год

The government of Andorra approved the calendar of holidays for 2018

The number of work permits in Andorra during the upcoming winter season (from November 2017 to April 2018) increases by 15% compared to the season of last year

First 15 new electric bicycle stations open in Andorra in spring 2018

Vaccination campaign against influenza will last in Andorra from 23d October till 29th December

About 400 firefighters and rescuers from different countries take part at the annual Сongress of the International Commission (Comissió Internacional de Socors Alpins ICAR) in Soldeu, Andorra

Salary calculator. Minimum monthly wage in Europe: Andorra 2018

четверг, 19 октября 2017 г.

Consul of Andorra la Vella Conxita Marsol told all-andorra.com what kind of changes will occur within the capital of Andorra in the next few years

Director of avia taxi company Manel Pinó told all-andorra.com about the company’s plans and commercial aviation’s market development in Andorra

The Mayor of Encamp, Jordi Torres Arauz told all-andorra.com about the priorities for parish development and mentioned possible plans to sell their Grandvalira shares

The chairman of the SDP parliamentary group, Victor Naudi Zamora, speaks to all-andorra.com on the upcoming tobacco price increase in Andorra.

The owner of the new art gallery Francisco Herreros told all-andorra.com about tax advantages of art business in Andorra

The organizer of Andorra Sax Festival, a professional saxophonist Efrem Roca Gayete told all-andorra.com about his vision of a musical culture in Andorra

Ski mountaineering SKIMO6 took place in Andorra on 5th March. The organizer of the event Gerard Riart tells all-andorra.com that from year to year this kind of sport becomes more popular in Andorra

Bastien Montes (FRA), a thirty one year old athlete and winner of the Crystal globe for the Speed Skiing World Cup 2017 competition told all-andorra.com about his impressions of the contest in Andorra

Director of sport events department of SAETDE (a shareholder of Grandvalira – the biggest Andorran ski resort) Alex Antor told all-andorra.com about the sport events scheduling for the 2017-2018 ski season, including a new winter sport discipline – the Grandvalira snow bike competition

General manager of Andorra Tourism, Betim Budzaku, told all-andorra.com about the main trends in tourism development of the principality.

Cathy O’Dowd, the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both sides, speaks about mountaineering in Andorra.

Building modern mountain shelters contributes to eco-tourism development in Andorra, states one of the architects of Illa mountain shelter Lluís Ginjaume

Living in a house of 160 sq m in France with all taxes and payments included costs about 5 thousand euros per year, says the Director of the company SCANDIC CHALETS, Philippe Port

Andorra was the first country in the world to have its entire retail business offering on Google Maps through Google Business View, says Consul General of the USA in Barcelona Marcos Mandojana

Working together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will help to place Andorra on the innovations map, said director of Actua Tech, Yann Baucis

Today, cycling in Andorra is almost as popular as skiing, thinks one of the strongest Andorran cyclists Guy Diaz Grollier

We welcome people with intellectual disabilities to participate in the up-and-coming Olympic events and to raise awareness of the skills of these athletes, says Sergi Grimau, organizer of the 2018 Olympic Games in Andorra and Spain

General Secretary of the National Commission of Andorra for UNESCO Jean-Michel Armengol

Minister of tourism of Andorra Francesc Camp interview 2014

Freeride World Tour General Manager Nocolas Hale-Woods

The president of The association of businessmen of Andorra (CEA – La Confideració Empresarial Andorrana) Xavier Altimir Planes

CEO of Grandvalira Nevasa Nuria Tarré

Mayor of Andorra la Vella Jordi Ramon Minguillón

Burke Files, an international expert in asset recovery, due diligence, anti money laundering and intellectual property matters

General Director of Caldea and INUU Miguel Pedregal Pardo

Minister of tourism of Andorra Francesc Camp

Miquel Nicolau, the rector of the University of Andorra

Minister of foreign affairs of Andorra Gilbert Saboya

State secretary for economic diversification of the Andorran government Josep Maria Missé

Márcio Favilla L. De Paula, Executive Director of the World Tourism Organization

President of Andbank Manel Cerqueda i Donadeu

General director of Grandvalira ENSISA Conrad Blanch

Minister of internal affairs of Andorra Xavier Espot Zamora

Albert Moltes Betriu, general director of FEDA (FEDA -Forces Elèctriques d'Andorra)

The director of the airport Andorra - La Seu d'Urgell Cristina Pastor

Albert Batalla i Siscart, mayor of La Seu d'Urgell

The Minister of education of Andorra, Eric Jover

среда, 18 октября 2017 г.

Best fairy tales of Europe 2018

Best motorcycles

Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Sustainable Development of Andorra, Silvia Calvó

Christoph Lieber, CEO of Vall Banc

Guillermo Cervera, Art director of the new Thyssen museum in Andorra

CEO of Andorra Telecom, Jordi Nadal

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Andorra Olga Gelabert

President of Vallnord David Baró Riba

Nicola Thost snowboard

Federica Brignone, winner of the FIS Ski World Cup SUPER-G in Andorra

Mladen Ivanic, the president of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Joaquim Rodríguez professional Spanish road racing cyclist

Cyril Despres is a French motorcycle and auto rider

Dancer Julia Mahalina

World champion Laetitia Roux

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